How to download photos from our galleries

So you just got the link to your photos in our online galleries, and now you want to download some or all of them to your own computer or device.


Click on the link we emailed you, and it should load the gallery into your browser. But if it doesn’t, just copy the link and paste it into your browser’s command line. You should see something like this:


In the upper right area of the browser screen, you will see a button marked “Select Photos” Click on it:

select photos button

In the lower left portion of each thumbnail image, you’ll see a circle. On each of the images you want to download, click once inside that circle, and it will add a checkmark to that picture. Go ahead and click all the photos you want to download. When you’re done, the screen will look something like this:

with checkmarks

Now, go back to the buttons at the upper right area of the browser screen. You will see a button marked “Download.”

download button

Click on this button, and the photos you selected will be moved to your computer. Where it is moved will depend on the device and operating system you are using. On a Macintosh running OS-X, the images can be found in your “download” folder. Drag and drop them to wherever you wish to store them on your device. That’s it! Keep in mind that these pictures are usually at very high res — they’re big. They should work fine if you upload them to Facebook and other social media sites, but some websites may require you to downsize the images to something smaller before they will accept them. How to do that is beyond the scope of this article, but if you need help, ask the website’s owner exactly what size (in pixels) they need, and let us know, and we can resize the images to fit their requirements.


Yes, we do real estate!

While the percentage of Capital Region Realtors who use our headshots on their business cards and websites grows every month, a lot of realtors and construction companies don’t realize that Paul and Brenda of Upstate Photographers also do beautiful real estate photography. If you have a new property to list, find out how effective our photography can be at showing the property at its very best.

You’ll be surprised at how fast our turnaround is, and how reasonable our pricing is. We deliver the images ready to go in two separate sets — one sized perfectly for MLS listings, and the other sized larger for Zillow and similar high-res uses.

We are often available on very short notice — for example, a bank recently contacted us during a financing closing meeting needing some photos to verify the level of completion on a franchise restaurant — we were at the work site 20 minutes later and delivered the images before an hour was up!

Our pricing is affordable — $149 per hour of shooting, with no hidden extra costs. We bill in 15 minute increments, making it possible for you to get high quality photography of even small projects.

Bryland Homes Exterior

Bryland Homes Exterior












Home 018







Want to see our studio?

Curious about the Upstate Photographers Studio? Here it is!

Our Portfolios

At the Reflecting Pool

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We’ve added some new work to our engagement portfolio as well.

A lot of people don’t realize that a major part of our business is headshot photography. We do headshots for working actors as well as acting students at local high schools, colleges and universities. Click here to see our Actor Headshots Portfolio

We are famous for business and corporate headshots. Click here to see our Corporate, Business, and Professional Headshot Portfolio

We love doing promo pix and concert photography for musicians, websites and newspapers.

Finally, our artistic b-pix and glamour sessions have become very popular as gifts for fiancés, boyfriends and significant others. You can learn more here.