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Paul and Brenda have been providing music photography for artists in Albany, Troy, Saratoga Springs, Schenectady, and through the Capital Region of Upstate NY for over seven years. Before that, Paul’s studio in San Diego, CA provided promo pix, CD covers, and editorial photography for many southern California bands and artists. We love working with musicians in all genres! From Americana to hip hop, from opera to electronica, rock and roll to folk, we shoot it all.

All photos © Paul Grupp. All rights reserved.

For bookings please call (518) 526-9970
Studio: 169 River Street, 2nd FL
Troy, NY 12180

Basic Promo Pix Photo Session Need 8×10 glossies for agents, venues, press? Some new imagery for your website and Facebook Page? On a tight budget? This is the package for you. Includes up to two looks in our studio, with all the best images posted at high resolution on our gallery for your downloading pleasure (No charge for downloading). $99 covers shooting and gallery posting at hi res for convenient downloading and easy access. Want images delivered on a USB thumb drive? Add it on for $49 (includes Fed Ex shipping and handling). See retouching and print prices below. Want to see a portfolio of our promotional and editorial photographs of musical artists? Click here! Want to see a more in-depth collection, featuring entire sets of shoots from various artists? Click here!

Musician’s Photography Package This is a more extensive version of our basic package — more looks in the studio, and more time on location with more elaborate lighting and styling. $149 covers shooting and delivery via our high-res online gallery; downloading is free! Want aUSB thumb drive of your images? Add it on for $49. See retouching and print prices below.

Live Music Coverage With our years of experience shooting every genre of music, we bring an expertise and style to live music photography that is simply unmatched by the competition. Couple that with our use of state-of-the-art full-frame cameras and high-speed lenses, and we consistently create images that are light-years beyond the typical girlfriend-with-camera shots that so many bands and artists use. $75 to clients who have already booked one of our other photo packages! $99 for everyone else. Includes photography at any Capital Region music venue, and delivery via our high-res online gallery — downloading of your images is always free to you and your fans! Performing outside the Capital Region? Ask us anyway — we routinely travel to shoot concerts – NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, etc. Want to see examples of our concert and live event photography? Click here!

All photos © Paul Grupp. All rights reserved.

Retouching Want to take your images to the next level? Apply our expert retouching to your photos. Only $24/photo, with delivery via our high-res online gallery.

Print Prices Looking for prints to decorate your studio, or pass out to friends? Order directly from our website to ensure perfect quality and guaranteed satisfaction at extremely reasonable prices.

Available in glossy, metallic, or lustre finish

4×6 print. $1.99
5×7 print. $3.99
8×10 print. $4.99
9×12 print. $8.99
11×14 print. $15.99
16×20 print. $34.95
20×30 print flush mounted on 1.5” foamcore board – $138.50.

Want something that doesn’t quite fit into any of the packages above? Flexibility is our middle name. Just call 518-526-9970 and we will put together exactly what you need, at ridiculously affordable prices!


Important Notices: Turnaround and delivery times are conservative estimates, but are only estimates unless explicitly guaranteed to you personally in writing. Actual delivery time depends on workload and other factors. All offers are limited and subject to availability.

Payment in full is due at the end of your session. We accept cash, check, PayPal, and most debit and credit cards. Prices and offers are subject to change without notice or obligation.

No Refunds

Upstate Photographers is a service. Therefore, once the service is rendered, there are no refunds. In the case where you are not happy with your performance in front of the camera (this means that there are no photos which are acceptable to you), in-studio reshoots are available at the discretion of Upstate Photographers for $25 per look. No other services (such as hair or makeup) are included in the reshoot price.

Band/Artist Posters & Web Sites

One of the things that makes us happiest as photographers is when our clients feature our photos on their websites and in their posters and promotional materials. Here are some recent posters, CD artwork, and web pages featuring Upstate Photographers’ images!




Dana Marcine CD Cover

Mr Cheeks


Bob Gluck - website homepage with photo by Paul and Brenda of Upstate Photographers



Powerful, Mr. Cheeks, Chaz Money, photographed at Upstate Photographers Studio, Troy NY.

King Dreams, Mirk, Mr. Cheeks, Chaz Money, photographed at Upstate Photographers Studio, Troy NY.

Mirk, photographed at Upstate Photographers Studio, Troy NY.

Chaz Money, photographed at Upstate Photographers Studio, Troy NY.

Brendan Martin, photographed at Upstate Photographers Studio, Troy NY.

Brendan Martin, photographed at Upstate Photographers Studio, Troy NY.


Brendan Martin, photographed at Upstate Photographers Studio, Troy NY.

Want to see more of our editorial and promo photography of artists and musicians? Click here!

Click here to see extensive galleries of our music photography.

Note: In all cases, poster artwork and website designs shown above are the artistic creation and property of the publication, band, artist, their management, or promoter — Paul Grupp and Brenda Rose of Upstate Photographers created original artist photos used in the posters and on the websites.

Stuff Your Face with Bass: Life’s a Beach

Last night was a most epic STUFF YOUR FACE WITH BASS: Life’s A Beach, and Upstate Photographers was there in force. Thanks to all you party animals for being so supportive and understanding of us crazy photographers, and giving us so many AMAZING images and shots — we love you guys!

Here’s a small sample of the photos — to see the rest, click here.


As we start our preparations for this thanksgiving, taking a little time off, looking forward to seeing family members back home from school, shopping for the big Turkey bash and all the rest, it occurs to me that one of the things I am most thankful for this year is the creative and artistic community here in the Capital Region. In terms of improving our quality of life, there are few things more impactful than the contributions our resident artists and musicians make.

So this Thanksgiving, we encourage you to share the joy by financially supporting at least one artist, musician, or band who has made you smile, think twice, or dance like nobody was watching! This year, Brenda and I have chosen to support Erin Harkes in her quest to release a new album. We have a feeling it’s going to be something really special, and so in addition to contributing ourselves, we’re asking all our friends to take a moment to follow the link, and contribute whatever you can to help her take this next step. We know it will mean a lot to her, and we’re betting it might mean a lot to you too!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Paul and Brenda
Upstate Photographers
November 22, 2011

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