After the Wedding

Q. How long will it take you to finish my pictures after the event?
A. The first thing we get done after a wedding is the online gallery. You decide whether the gallery is public (anybody can see your pictures) or private (you need a password to see the pictures). Most couples choose to have a public gallery to make it easy for friends and relatives to find their wedding pictures. Usually we get the photo gallery up within three weeks after the wedding.

After your online gallery is up, if you ordered a USB thumb drive of your pictures, we can send it out to you right away if you request us to do so. This means, however, that your drive will not contain any of the edits we make to your photos when laying out your book. Most clients choose to wait for their drive until the book is done — especially since all the images can be downloaded at high resolution from our website at no charge. But it’s your choice!

To make things easy you can order prints directly from your gallery at very reasonable prices. The prints are made by MpixPro and are mailed or Fed Exed to whatever address you specify. This is especially useful if you have relatives and friends out of town or even out of the country — we ship anywhere! And of course, you are free to download your pictures to your own computer, email them to your friends and family, and do anything else you like with them.

The most time-consuming process is the book layout. This typically takes us a few months to complete, depending on our workload, and whether your wedding was early or late in the season — it takes us longer to complete albums for weddings at the end of the season (October is almost always our busiest month). Then, we upload the proof pages to our website so you can approve the book layout and make any last minute changes. Once the wedding book layout is done, we post it on our website, and send you a link for your approval. At this time, if you want to make any changes, just send us a list of the changes, with the page number you want a change on, the image you want to remove, and the image number you want to put in its place. If you would like to participate in the design of your album, we offer that service as well. Please see our price list for details.¬†Once it’s approved, we send it off for binding and printing. Depending on the album you selected, printing can take two to eight weeks — a long time, but worth the wait because the books are absolutely gorgeous!

Much as we would like to promise specific turn-around times on your wedding pictures — please remember, editing your photos and creating books is an artistic process. We always work on a first-in, first-out basis, so out of fairness to all of our many clients, we cannot respond to requests to “prioritize” one bride’s wedding above another.

Q. Why does it take so long to create albums?
A. Well, actually, we’ve been told that our turn around time is very fast when compared to many of our competitors. But that being said, it’s important for you to realize that the layout we do with our albums is an artistic process. We spend a lot of time editing and retouching pictures, and making sure that the album tells your wedding story in a compelling, beautiful way. It’s a unique work of art that is completely different than the 8×10 album stuffed with plastic pages that used to be the standard a few years ago. But of course, this kind of work takes time, and some of our larger albums take a couple weeks of 10 hour days to lay out.

Q. Do I get a disc with my wedding pictures on it too?
A. Yes, if you purchase the USB thumb drive option, image files are included. These are yours to email, post on the internet, print out at the printer of your choice — whatever you like. Your contract includes a usage license that allows you to use the photos without further permission from or payment to the photographers.

Q. My wedding package doesn’t include parent’s books — but after seeing my page layouts, my family really would like to have a copy. Is this possible?
A. Absolutely. You can always order additional copies of your books. If you order at the same time as your own book, there is a slight savings because we get a volume discount from our printer. Also, the most economical route for additional copies is to order exactly the same book as you bought, because that saves us having to change the layout and page count.

Q. Is there anything we can do to help you make our wedding albums better?
A. Yes! We love to make your wedding album as personal as possible. And the more information you give us, the more we can put in your album. So, for example, make sure to get us a copy of your wedding invitation, and maybe your vows. If you have any favorite quotes that describe your relationship, we’d love to have those too. The more information you give us, the more complete your wedding album will be!

Q. Do you keep copies of our wedding images on file?
A. We back up your wedding images and store them in our studio files, and also on the Zenfolio servers on the west coast. It is our intention to keep your wedding images on file indefinitely. However, once we deliver the final products to you, you become responsible for storing and back up your own wedding images, and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide replacements if you should lose your images. Certainly, we make best efforts to keep your images, but there is no guarantee we will do so. Should you ever lose or damage your images, book, or slideshow DVD, feel free to contact us. If we have your images on file, we will be happy to provide you with replacements at our current prices.

Q. I was at a wedding recently that I know you photographed, but I don’t see it mentioned on your blog — where can I find the pictures?
A. Due to time constraints particularly during our busiest months, we do not post every wedding we photograph on our blog. However, all weddings which included posting in our galleries are available for viewing. So if you can’t find a wedding, just drop us an email mentioning the names of the bride and groom, and we’ll send you a link to their galleries!