Stefani and Peter at Canfield Casino: Sneak Peak

Stefani and Peter tied the knot on March 19 — the eve of the first day of spring at the Canfield Casino.

Family and friends came from Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Boston to celebrate with them in Peter’s hometown of Saratoga Springs. The crispy weather and snow on the ground didn’t stop them from having an awesome day! Here is a sneak peek:

Wedding Day Kisses

Wedding kisses should have their own special category in wedding photography! Like the flowers or the color scheme, they are a way a wedding couple shares a little bit of themselves with us. What makes them so much fun to photograph is how unique “the kiss” is for each couple. It can be a peck on the cheek, a brush of lips on a bride’s neck, or a fully engaged (maybe we should look the other way) kiss on the lips. However they’re done, wedding day kisses are always fun and romantic and make for great pictures! Here is a sample of some great moments in wedding kisses as shared by some of our most romantic couples: