Blast from the past – Emmett North Jr.

Back when I had my studio in downtown San Diego, not long before I moved to New York, I got a booking to shoot some musician’s promo pix for an LA-based guitar player named Emmett North Jr. Click here to check out some of Emmett’s tracks on iTunes.

Emmett drove all the way down from LA for the photo session, and we spent a few hours together in my studio. Emmett is a musician’s musician and a gentleman’s gentleman, and it was such a privilege to photograph him.  Here are some of the images from that day.

Emmett North Jr.



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  1. Hello! Paul,it’s been a long time since i worked with you in getting the photos at your san diego studios at Bang Bang Studios,how are you these days? I see that you’re in new york now and i hope you’re doing well there taking pictures.Have you done anymore work for any of Barbara’s artist? I did do a tour in europe in 2006″ and i really enjoyed it.Get back and let me know how you’re doing sincerely,Emmett North Jr. PS.Former guitarist for Barry White,Isaac Hayes,Chuck Berry,Wolfman Jack and many others ciao baby!!!

  2. Hello! My brother Paul,i came across these photos of me last year,i have to say that you did a superb job on my photos,they turned out brilliantly and have been around europe and parts of the US,i was surprised to see that you have moved to new york state,i wish you well and hope that your career in photography has blossomed on the east coast sincerely your friend,Emmett North Jr.

  3. Paul Grupp says:

    Hi Emmett,

    Great to hear from you! Hope you’re happy and well! We’re loving NY and doing very well here – working with lots of musicians and enjoying life! Wishing you the best!

    Paul Grupp

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